how do we operate?

1 - Reliability     2 - Rigorousness      3 - Flexibility     4 - Persistence     5 - Focusing on Thinking

Throughout our different business ventures we aim to provide our customers with a unique yet special service they can be pleased off. Conclusively we follow five core stages, to ensure all our operations run efficiently and customers are pleased with our service.   





Process Of Returns


As a customer we know how important it is to have a reliable supplier for your business, hence why we always put our customers first and seek to offer good quality product for the lowest price possible.

As a customer you would be more comfortable seeing the product and getting a feel before making the purchase, therefore we can always arrange a meeting at one of our many locations or send samples to the customers directly.

As a reliable supplier communication is key, and we always aim to provide information on time as we have a dedicated customer support team on hand to assist you.


We control dozens of factories in the suburbs of Shanghai through purchasing of premier shares or signing sub-contracts. Since 2013, we entered the Bangladesh market and already have contracts with 5 factories.


We aim to provide a flexible service to our long-term and short-term customers providing what they need, when they need it


We maintained a high market share in China’s garments & fabric markets by leveraging competitive price with high quality. This was done by paying close attention to detail, punctuality and fulfilling customer demands.

Focusing on Thinking

We are committed to constant optimisation of the management of industry chain and striving for innovation. We are now trying to pursue our new targets to be more convenient, reliable and efficient.