Specialised services for import and export trade

With our expertise in trade and overseas operations, we implement our supply chain capabilities to provide customers with an operational and integrated service. Our operations include the supply of resources, business consulting, customs drawbacks, financing, logistics and customs clearance. In the modern global marketplace Pegasus China consults with various market leading suppliers, ensuring our customers get the best quality products at a very competitive price. Our dedicated team in China quality check the cargo before it is shipped to the UK, making sure everything is hassle free for our clients. 


Facing the complexity of the worlds economy and trade, we, at Pegasus China are disciplined with our company values and put them in practice to  satisfy our customers. We ensure all our customers, that for every product sourced, we have taken reasonable measures to ensure the safety & compliance of the product.


Our supply chain managers provide essential in-depth industry knowledge, benefiting our clients in creating key connections within China's marketplace. Our specialised service for Import & export trade gives our customers valuable benefits, some being:


Access: Negotiate with companies to supply our clients with a long-term solution and obtain  the supplies they need to run their operations. Securing access is vital, especially in components or materials that have limited stocks. 


Cost: we can ultimately reduce the cost of obtaining supplies as we eliminate the procurement costs associated with finding suppliers. We negotiate the terms and ensure you receive the best priced product in the market, therefore helping companies accurately budget their supply costs. 




Quality: we have our very own QC team to ensure the quality of the final product, therefore reducing the cost of quality control. By working accordingly to a widely recognised harmonised standards such as ISO (-) we provide products and supplies to a consistent quality. 


Responsiveness: Providing prompt communication between our customers and suppliers help each other utilise their capacity efficiently. Our responsiveness, ensures correct supply levels are obtained by our customers & also eliminating the risk of waste for our suppliers


Collaboration: We work closely with our Customers & Suppliers, therefore encouraging our collaboration to drive down costs, increase innovation and improve efficiency.