Cleaning solutions

Due to the recent health epidemic we have launched our very own cleaning & hygiene products that will increase protection against harmful organisms when most needed. According to the new government standards set in place, to maintain the high levels of safety we have developed innovative products for offices and retailers to ensure everyone's safety. 



Below are some of the products we've introduced.

Hand Sanitisers

Our PGM Hand Sanitisers are the perfect tool for removing common pathogens. They are produced in liquid form, allowing the solution to get to all the necessary places to disinfect your hand. This product is intended for use when soap and water are not available to wash your hands or when repeated hand washing weakens your natural skin barrier. These provide excellent infection control within a wide variety of settings. 




Face Masks

Our PGM Masks are uniquely designed with different characteristics to perform in various scenarios.

Before placing an order make sure you are fully aware of the specification, to ensure you have the right product for use.





Soap/Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Our PGM Dispensers combines a modern finish with a robust construction allowing for a durable yet stylish dispenser. We provide manual and automatic units, with a mechanism that dispense a neat and consistent amount each use. Our models feature a 1000ml capacity allowing for installation in highly congested premises, reducing the constant need of attention to keep refilling the dispenser. Our clean and simple finish allows for ease of cleanliness, therefore maintaining the impressive look of the product. 








Cleaning Stations

Our robust PGM stations provide a convenient method of sterilisation, after being in touch with different unsanitary surfaces. To protect yourself against your surroundings, these have been designed with an infrared sensor which detects and sterilises your hands once placed in the compartment. 


Cleaning accessories

To achieve maximum protection within your surroundings, you need to have good quality protective accessories. As we are prone to feel objects or communicate with people we are exposing ourselves to various contagions, this is why we have our very own protective equipment which will ensure your safety and minimise the risk of transferring unwanted guests. 



Soluble Strip Laundry Bags

Full Soluble Laundry bags

Antibacterial wipes (1000pcs)

Antibacterial wipes (200pcs)