Pegasus makes it possible for you to shop Asia in total CONFIDENCE

Founded in 2006, Pegasus specialises in sourcing TEXTILES, MEDICAL and HYGIENE products from high quality Asian manufacturers and then delivering throughout the UK. 


Owned and managed by Ivan Zhou, the business has a direct link into his family company in China with over 1500 employees. This gives Pegasus unique capability to carry out extensive quality control checks before goods set sail.


We carry several million pounds of Pegasus branded items in our UK warehousing for next day delivery. We also provide bulk container deliveries where it makes sense, often with products sourced to bespoke customer specifications.


Pegasus takes care of the entire journey from overseas factory gate to your own business, checking accreditation's, quality sampling, UK warehousing of bulk orders, delivering to you in manageable quantities and finally invoicing in £'s sterling at guaranteed prices with no currency risk 



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